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Spider Veins and Thread veins are the small yet unsightly clusters of pink and purple thread like veins that lie near the surface of the skin. They are commonly found in the leg but they can also appear in the face and other parts of the body. Reticular veins are larger blue veins, commonly found behind the knee. They are often found close to, and feeding into, clusters of thread veins.


Spider veins are not harmful to health and may not need to be treated. However there are various situation where treatment can have significant benefits to you

  • When spider veins cause aches, pain and numbness and this affect your lifestyle

  • When the appearance bothers you and you are not able to dress the way you like

  • When there are associated tortuous blue looking veins that suggest you may also have underlying varicose veins

Treatment options

Thread veins can be treated by injection microsclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, laser treatment or thermal coagulation. At your consultation, based on clinical and ultrasound assessment, an individualised treatment regimen will be planned  that best suits your needs.

Your consultation

About 5-10% patients with Spider Veins may have underlying varicose veins problem. This is especially so if you also have concurrent blue and tortuous veins that may or may not be bulgy. Therefore for effective treatment, an Ultrasound examination is performed to exclude this possibility. This examination is painless and can be performed in less than 10 minutes. A careful assessment of the spider veins is made, searching for underlying reticular veins. If identified, these will also be treated, ensuring a more successful and long lasting outcome.

State of the art treatment of varicose veins in the heart of Belfast