Varicose Vein Clinics

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Despite all the improvements in keyhole techniques, Surgery for varicose veins is still sometimes the best option. Operations can range from the very simple removal of small unsightly varicose veins under local anaesthetic to more lengthy procedures under general anaesthetic for patients who may not get the result they need by keyhole means.

Benefits of Surgery

  • All varicose veins and their feeding branches are completely removed

  • No risk of skin staining or residual firm bulges that sometimes follow injections

  • Often the best choice for cosmetic outcomes

  • All veins can be operated on, regardless of their site or nature

What to expect at your procedure

  • Most operations are performed as a day case procedure at the Fitzwilliam Clinic, Belfast
  • You will need to fast from midnight prior to the procedure
  • The procedure required will be explained in detail beforehand, and if you have any questions they will answered carefully
  • Varicose veins are removed through small incisions, typically 2-4mm, which don't need stitches
  • Most operations take around one hour, you can have something to eat and drink shortly afterwards
  • You should not drive for 48 hours after surgery, so will need transport home

After your procedure

  • You need to stay at the clinic for 3-4 hours after the procedure
  • There are no stitches or staples to be removed, dissolving stitches are always used if required
  • A tight bandage is applied to the leg at the end of the operation, which stays on for 7 days
  • You will see us again 6-8 weeks after your operation for a follow up review


State of the art treatment of varicose veins in the heart of Belfast