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Open Night - Maypole Clinic, Holywood

We are delighted to announce the first open night will take place in the Maypole Clinic on Monday  16th May. A short presentation will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions and arrange an assessment for possible treatments of varicose veins. Drop us an email to register your interest in coming along.

New Clinics at The Maypole Clinic Holywood

Due to a steady increase in demand, there are now regular sessions at Maypole. Clinics currently run alternate Wednesday afternoons. Consultations, thread and facial vein treatments, foam sclerotherapy and thermal ablation are all available. Appointments can be made by calling 028 9042 3200.

Open nights

Unfortunately progress has been slow. Email in to register your interest, and I can push arrangements with either Maypole or Fitzwilliam. Come and hear about the various treatment options for different types of veins and take the opportunity to arrange a free consultation at the same time.

Open night update

Still waiting to confirm dates with Maypole and Fitzwilliam. Everything else is in place, please email if you are interested in attending so I can keep you up to date with developments.

Clinic availability November - December

New patient slots are still available most Fridays at Fitzwilliam in November and December. The winter months are best for injectable treatments and treatment sessions in January and February are already filling up. Come and get assessed if you are considering having treatment in the New Year.

Townhouse update (2)

Great news, it looks like a resolution has been reached. Final negotiations are under way and we hope to reopen in the next few weeks. In the meantime, any Townhouse patients can reach us at Fitzwilliam with clinics every Friday afternoon.

Townhouse Update

Unfortunately we have been caught in the middle of a legal battle between the owners of the building at 9 Chichester Street. Until this has been resolved we have to vacate the premises. Clinics have been relocated to Fitzwilliam in the meantime.

If you have been a patient of the Townhouse and have any queries, or issues, please get in touch via the contact page, or make an appointment with the team at Fitzwilliam.

The clinic was proving to be a massive success and hopefully all issues will be resolved in the very near future.

NHS RFA tender decision reversed

After sustained lobbying from all the vascular surgeons in the provence, NHS management has finally agreed to revert back to the superior Venefit system for radio-frequency ablation. All NHS patients can now be reassured that they will get the same faster, safer more successful procedure that recently was only available to private patients.

Normal service resumes!

Apologies to everyone who was affect by my unexpected leave last week. Extra clinics are in place over the next couple of weeks to ensure timely appointments are available for all. Colin's clinics are unaffected. Thank you for your patience.

Clinic availability May - June

Clinics are filling up as everyone is preparing for the summer. We have limited availability at Hillsborough, Fitzwilliam and the Townhouse throughout May and June. Please enquire soon to ensure an early consultation. 

Summers coming!

It's April, the sun is out and I'm getting a lot of enquiries about spider vein treatments, and bigger veins too, in preparation for the holidays.

It takes up to 12 weeks for the benefits of treatment to become apparent, and you can see from the information sheets that sun exposure is not a good idea in the month following treatment. If you're considering treatment with this summer in mind please come before the end of April. Once we get into May and beyond, it's too late for this summer, and treatments often get deferred until the autumn.

Pregnancy and veins

I have had a number of queries recently from pregnant, or recently pregnant ladies. Unfortunately, if you are at risk of developing varicose veins, the changes that occur during the latter parts of pregnancy drive the progression of both spider veins or larger varicosities. The good news is that after delivery there is usually a big improvement in the appearance of the legs, but some smaller veins will usually persist.

The first message is to get seen at an early stage. I recommend leaving at least 3 months from delivery before being assessed. Many family doctors recommend completing your family before getting treatment, but this is not the best advice. If you have underlying reflux in the main veins, this can be treated easily, usually with laser or RFA. You will not be at risk of a big deterioration in your veins during subsequent pregnancies.

Secondly, early treatment is always advisable as I am much more likely to be able to offer an excellent result with the keyhole procedures, avoiding the need for a surgical procedure.

If you're pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS! If your pregnant and are have trouble with veins, don't worry, they'll get much better after delivery. Come and get assessed a couple of months down the line.

Facial Veins

It's now a couple of months since the facial veins equipment was upgrade, and the results are very pleasing. Clearance rates are much improved, with significant less discomfort and reaction to the surrounding skin. Please get in touch if you have a query.

New clinics at Hillsborough

The Hillsborough Clinic service is changing. The last 12 months has seen a huge increase in the numbers of patients having procedures carried out, and as such the Wednesday evening clinic cannot cope. From March there will now be weekly clinics on a Monday morning. The key to successful microsclerotherapy for spider veins is patience and time. This move will ensure that I can continue to offer the best service possible. Clinics are still available with Colin on a Tuesday evening for anyone who can't make a morning appointment. - Alastair

Fitzwilliam availability expanding

The veins service at Fitzwilliam has been getting busier and busier for some time now. In order to meet the demand for new appointments, and keep up with the increasing numbers of surgeries and key-hole procedures being carried out, we have greatly expanded the number of appointments available. You can see Alastair on the first, third and fifth Friday of the month and Colin, weeks two and four. Contact 028 9032 3888 for an appointment.

State of the art treatment of varicose veins in the heart of Belfast