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Pregnancy and veins

I have had a number of queries recently from pregnant, or recently pregnant ladies. Unfortunately, if you are at risk of developing varicose veins, the changes that occur during the latter parts of pregnancy drive the progression of both spider veins or larger varicosities. The good news is that after delivery there is usually a big improvement in the appearance of the legs, but some smaller veins will usually persist.

The first message is to get seen at an early stage. I recommend leaving at least 3 months from delivery before being assessed. Many family doctors recommend completing your family before getting treatment, but this is not the best advice. If you have underlying reflux in the main veins, this can be treated easily, usually with laser or RFA. You will not be at risk of a big deterioration in your veins during subsequent pregnancies.

Secondly, early treatment is always advisable as I am much more likely to be able to offer an excellent result with the keyhole procedures, avoiding the need for a surgical procedure.

If you're pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS! If your pregnant and are have trouble with veins, don't worry, they'll get much better after delivery. Come and get assessed a couple of months down the line.

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