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Email issues

The vast majority of emails are now getting through, but one or two are still bouncing back. Firstly, please check your email address carefully if using the contact page. I always respond to enquiry, usually within 24hours. However, if an email bounces back to me theres no way for me to get back. Secondly, if you haven't had a response after using the contact page, email directly for a guaranteed response.

Apologies to all who have been affected.

Website woes

The helpful elves at Squarespace are reporting problems with the contact page. If you have had no response from the contact page, email directly for immediate response.

Apologies for the problems, hopefully this will al be resolved shortly.

Announcing - Fitzwilliam Open Night 25th October

Thank you to everyone who came along on Tuesday evening, and apologies again to the few who we couldn't accommodate. Don't worry, you're top of the list for the next night on October 25th. 

As always, if you haven't been in contact yet and you'd like to come along, email us at and we'll get you sorted.

New clinics at Ballykelly

In response to growing demand from the north and west of the province, we are delighted to announce that regular clinics are now underway at the North West Independent Hospital at Ballykelly.

Fortnightly clinics commenced on the 1st September, and will usually run on a Thursday morning. Contact the booking team directly on 028 7776 3090 for an appointment.

Fitzwilliam open night

After last months successful open evening, and planning for the next in the series is well underway. We are happy to confirm the date of the 26th September. Get in touch for more for more information.

Maypole update

Unfortunately, due to competing commitments, I have had to suspend future clinics at Maypole. The Cosmetech team are looking for an alternative practitioner to take over the practice there. I'd like to thank them for all their efforts to date. 

Please get in touch if you would like information about alternative options for consultation or treatment with myself.

Information evenings at Fitzwilliam Clinic

Continuing the successful open evenings, a new series as been planned at Fitzwilliam. The first evening is this week and booked out before I had a chance to publicise on the website.

Fliers are available in the clinic and at least two more evenings are planned over the summer. As always, email for more information and to reserve a place. 

Maypole Open Night Update

We are rescheduling the planned Maypole evening

New date - Monday 26th June

New format - A limited number of spaces are available for a free consultation

E-Mail for availability, spaces are limited and expected to fill up fast

British Association Of Sclerotherapy 2017 Meeting

The BAS annual meeting was held at the very impressive Dorney Lake Conference Centre, home of the 2012 Olympic Rowing venue and Eton College's boat club.

Included in the line of UK and international experts was myself! I was a great honour to present my experience of managing smaller veins with sclerotherapy to the society.

I'd like to extend my thanks to the society for the invite, and to all the delegates who spoke to me afterwards about the management of small and larger veins too.

1st International Veins Meeting, College of Phlebology

Colin and Alastair spent an excellent three days among fellow specialists in keyhole vein surgery at the first international meeting at the College of Phlebology.

All aspects of venous disease, from cosmetic practices for small veins right through to helping to heal leg ulcers by treating large veins.

New things to look forward to are the acquisition of a new laser (1470nm radial fibre for the technically curious amongst you), and the addition of skin fillers when treating hand and chest veins.

The conference had a massive social angle we hadn't seen before. Check out #veinhealth and #CoPIVM for more info.

Maypole Open Night

Thank you to everyone who came along on Monday. The evening was a fantastic success, and the positive feedback is very much appreciated. 

The next evening is provisionally being planned for early June. Watch this space for more details as they come available.

Maypole Open Night


Open night at the Maypole Clinic. Monday 13th March.

Come along, meet the team and find out more about treatments for veins. Special offers available on the night. 

By invitation only, places limited, email for more information.

New treatments approved for varicose veins

Two new treatment options have gained approval for the treatment of varicose veins.

Sapheon glue and Clarivein now offer a reliable alternative to laser or radio-frequency ablation. As neither involve heating the wall of the vein, speedy reliable closure is achieved without the need for local anaesthetic injections. Excellent news if you do not like needles!

Make an appoint at one of our centres to discuss the advantages of these new techniques.

Appointments available

Despite increasing the number of appointments at Kingsbridge and Fitzwilliam, these clinics are filling up fast with most of the appointments in June booked up already. There is still space at Hillsborough and Maypole over the next few weeks for anyone wanting an early appointment. Summer is almost upon us, so remember the advice about sun exposure if you are thinking of having thread vein treatments.

Open Night - Maypole Clinic, Holywood

We are delighted to announce the first open night will take place in the Maypole Clinic on Monday  16th May. A short presentation will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions and arrange an assessment for possible treatments of varicose veins. Drop us an email to register your interest in coming along.

New Clinics at The Maypole Clinic Holywood

Due to a steady increase in demand, there are now regular sessions at Maypole. Clinics currently run alternate Wednesday afternoons. Consultations, thread and facial vein treatments, foam sclerotherapy and thermal ablation are all available. Appointments can be made by calling 028 9042 3200.

Open nights

Unfortunately progress has been slow. Email in to register your interest, and I can push arrangements with either Maypole or Fitzwilliam. Come and hear about the various treatment options for different types of veins and take the opportunity to arrange a free consultation at the same time.

Open night update

Still waiting to confirm dates with Maypole and Fitzwilliam. Everything else is in place, please email if you are interested in attending so I can keep you up to date with developments.

State of the art treatment of varicose veins in the heart of Belfast