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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to get some compression stockings, what do you recommend?

If you are having trouble with veins, you need formal compression. Support tights just don't provide enough support to make a proper difference to the veins. Below the knee stockings are adequate for most people. If you are wearing above the knee stockings, it is essential to have a good quality, well fitting pair that have been measured properly. Any slipping or wrinkling can increase the pressure in the veins, rather than reducing it. I use Venosan Legline with most of my patients. A more aesthetically appealing alternative are the Sigvaris ranges. It is important that you're properly measured, which we would be happy to help with.

Can I have my veins treated on the National Health Service?

Sometimes. Varicose veins can cause significant symptoms or other health problems. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence has provided guidance on which veins can be treated in the NHS. In Northern Ireland the health board has decided that only people with a history of ulceration, phlebitis or bleeding will be offered treatment on the NHS, The situation in the UK varies from health board to health board,

Can I have microsclerotherapy performed on the National Health Service?

No. This is a cosmetic treatment for spider veins and is only available on a private basis.

Can I have thermal ablation or foam sclerotherapy on the National Health Service?

Possibly. Access to more specialist procedures does depend on the expertise available in your local hospital. Varicose vein surgery is performed widely across the province, but availability of the keyhole procedures is more variable.

I have Private Health Insurance, will it cover my treatment?

All insurance companies will cover the cost of a private consultation. If your veins are causing symptoms or complications then your insurance company should also cover treatment. Most insurance companies will not cover cosmetic treatments. It is important to get approval from your company before attending your consultation.

I have varicose veins, am I going to get an ulcer?

The good news is that the risk of someone with varicose veins developing an ulcer is quite low. Conservative measures, such as weight loss, support stockings and exercise can keep this risk low. If you are very concerned, please arrange a consultation. A full clinical and ultrasound assessment of your veins will be performed and personalised advice offered.

I have swelling, excema or discolouration at my ankles, am I going to get an ulcer?

You may be developing Chronic Venous Insufficiency, prompt expert assessment is strongly recommended.

Will my veins come back after treatment?

The veins which have been removed do not come back, but unfortunately in the future, veins which are currently normal can become varicose in the future. Careful assessment and treatment by an expert can reduce the future risk of recurrences.

I have had varicose vein surgery in the past, can I still have treatment?

Yes you can. Often keyhole procedures work better in this situation, and re-do surgery is also an option. A detailed assessment of your varicose veins will look for the likely cause of recurrence and guide a personalised treatment plan.

My beautician does spider vein injections, why should I see you instead?

Some of the beauticians doing thread vein injections are very good at it. However, they are can not be expected to understand, recognise or treat the wider aspects of venous disease. If your spider veins are the consequence of underlying reticular veins or venous reflux, they will quickly recur. We won't just assess spider veins, we also assess the whole leg with Veinlight and ultrasound to ensure you get best results.

My dermatologist does spider vein injection, why should I see you instead?

Some of the dermatologists doing thread vein injections are very good at it. However, they are experts in skin conditions not venous disease. They will not be equipped to recognise and treat underlying venous reflux. Based on a thorough assessment, we will offer you a range of treatment options tailored to meet your personal needs.

Is laser any good for spider veins?

Laser treatment can obliterate the visible veins by heating the skin. Spider veins are often caused by the bodies response to injury, and this heating may trigger new veins to form. Laser also only treats the visible veins on the skin. For these reasons we never use it. Microsclerotherapy, combined with either Veinlight or ultrasound visualisation of the feeding veins, allows us to treat the spider veins and their causes with much better results. 

Will Vitamin K cream help my spider veins?

No. This and other creams have become popular recently. These creams are expensive, and have no effect on the presence or appearance of thread veins.

I have read about a new wonder treatment in the Daily Mail, do you offer it?

Probably not. Like the vast majority of experts in the UK, we only offer proven procedures in accordance with national guidelines. Two novel therapies (glue and Clarivein) have come to market in recent years and finally have been approved for more use. We are now happy to offer either as an option if they are likely to outperform thermal ablation or foam sclerotherapy. 

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